Partners Program

Thanks for your interest in our Partners Program!   At Explore Waynesville, we believe in supporting local Waynesville businesses and striving to create win/win scenarios that will benefit us both, and our customers/visitors.

If you don't know who we are for, or what we're about, you can learn more about that on our About Page.

Why be an Explore Waynesville Partner?

As Waynesville locals running a small business just like you, we understand that you generally run on a fixed and seasonal income.  As a result, you have to be diligent about where and how you spend your money.  Our partnership has numerous options where we can work together to exposure your business or services to our audience.

Here is why being a partner should interest you:

  • We Reach 100s of thousands of people - Our total combined reach is 100s of thousands of people of month AND we are frequently reaching over a million a month.  This website, combined with our Blue Ridge Mountain Life website reaches 500,000 users and 800,000 pageviews each year, and that is constantly growing.  Our websites are used every single day to find things to, places to eat and places to sleep in both Waynesville and the Blue Ridge Mountains as a whole.
  • We're influencers - We are followed by over 170,000 people on Facebook, and our our Facebook groups have more than 470,000 members and growing daily.  Our Blue Ridge Mountain Life Facebook group is one of, if not the largest, Facebook group on the Blue Ridge and Great Smoky Mountains.  Our Maggie Valley and Waynesville NC Life group IS the largest Facebook group for the area, with almost 40,000 members.
  • We're locals - Many competitor sites are run by companies or people that don't even live here.  We live in, are headquartered right here at our home in Waynesville NC, and active in the community.    As locals, we offer personal experience, travel guides and insight that others can't provide.
  • Our Content is top notch - We strive to provide THE highest quality content on Waynesville and surrounding areas available on the internet, this includes our photos, written content and video content.

How YOU can Partner With Us (What we offer)

Our Partnership Program is very flexible and we tailor our agreements with each partner individually based on your needs and ours.    With that in mind, here are just a few of the services we can offer:

Influencer marketing campaigns (these are our preferred partnerships)

  • Article/Social Media Posts/Videos during and/or after a a visit to your business or location
  • Ongoing content and social media posts, providing reminders to our audience of your business, or new announcements.
  • Examples: 
    • A weekend stay in your rental or hotel where we provide a write-up, social media posts, photos and video
    • A visit to your attraction or area, containing a write-up, social media post, photos, and video.  This can also include updates during our visit on social media for added interest.
    • Dinner at your restaurant, where we will do a write-up, social media posts, and possibly a video.
  • All Influencer marketing campaigns fall under Earned Media, however licensing rights to the content can be part of your partnership package, if desired.

Advertising/Guest Content

Leverage our traffic and reach to drive traffic and engagement to your business:

  • Featured Listings - You can have your business featured in many of our different listings by placing them at the top or highlight them.
  • Banner ads - Have a banner ad placed in one of the prominent spots on our website.
  • Content Creation - Create content and feature your business as a link or call-out.

Sponsored Content

You can leverage our reach to promote your business or service.   Just a few option to consider:

  • Social Media Posts  - Let us share your business or services with our audience.
  • Product Reviews/Promotion - Product reviews can be written or video.   Be aware, that we only agree to do authentic product reviews, where we will be truthful about your product from our perspective.
  • Giveaways/Contests - Sponsor a giveaway, and we'll share it with our audience.   Examples could be a weekend stay at your cabin, with a complimentary dinner from a local restaurant.
  • Event Promotion - Have an upcoming event?  Let us help you get the word out.

Seminars/Conferences/Public Speaking

We would love the opportunity to attend your seminar, conference, trade-show, or other venue to speak on various topics including: The Blue Ridge Mountains, Waynesville, hiking, photography, videography, social media, content creation, web site building, and any other areas you feel we may have expertise.

Something else?

Have something different in mind?  Awesome!  We're open to your ideas, and can put a custom Partnership package together for you!

What's in it for us?

As we said, we look for win/win scenarios where we both get benefit.  The most frequent compensation is an exchange of fees for services.   In other words, you pay us to promote you.  

We do recognize that this isn't always feasible for everyone, and may also not be the best way to partner.  

Many of our partnerships have been an exchange of services.  For example, you invite us to your restaurant, cover of dinner, and in exchange we take photos and share about your business on our website and social media pages.  We have done this for both restaurants and rental cabins in the past, and it's a great win/win.

Ready to become a Partner or have questions?

Please use the form below to let us know of your interest in becoming a partner or if you just have questions about our program.   We'll follow-up with you via email.  We can't wait to hear from you!